Identities in Motion 2

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The event

The second edition of Identities in Motion (22 February 2017) focussed on the Italian mobility in the UK, by looking at the political, social as well as cultural scenario in which the experience of migration and interaction is taking place. Categories such as cultura italianacervelli in fuga,  linguistic as well as cultural in-betweenness were explored through a critical perspective in order to deconstruct common misconceptions and simplistic interpretations of the migratory fluxes from Italy to the UK.

Simone Varriale, in his conversation with Georgia Wall, dealt with the trajectories, aspirations, and cultural practices of Italian migrants living in the UK (whose number has been on the rise after the 2008 economic crisis), with specific attention paid to similarities and differences between the migration to London and to other areas of the UK.

The session ‘Portraying Italian Mobility’ focused on artistic and social practices concerning collective identities within and outside Italy. Marco Delogu (photographer, curator, and director of the Italian Cultural Institute in London) discussed its activities with Gianmarco Mancosu, in a debate which dealt with the complex ways through which Italian culture interacts with the cultural context of the UK.

The experience of postcolonial mobility and the shaping of a transnational subjectivity featured in the session with Shirin Ramzanali Fazel(author of Far from Mogadishu). In her conversation with Gioia Panzarella, Ramzanali Fazel looked at the multiple forms of linguistic and cultural translation which characterise her writings.



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